Establish in a period, objectives, strategies, and goals in accordance with government plans, institutional or sectoral, in accordance with available resources.


Know the way forward in identifying possible sources of funding, within a period of government or validity, at the national or territorial level, sectoral or institutional, can be achieved if a structured process is followed, that in its development a joint with budget management is achieved, both for the allocation of resources and for monitoring. This path is called planning! to advance it, we offer specialized technical team to accompany the definition of plans that allow the best use of the institution’s resources.


Technical assistance

We provide quick response guidance to concerns that arise during the planning process, such as
development of concepts, applicable regulations, identification of the different sources of public financing and requirements in the articulation in national territory.

Strategic planning

We support public institutions in the formulation of their development plans, sector plans.

Financial planning

We support the preparation of the financial plan, medium-term fiscal framework, and medium-term expenditure framework term.


We support the preparation of the investment plan within the development plan.

Monitoring and Indicators

We support in the approach of indicators of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, profitability. Monitoring and analysis of the information is essential to design indicators with good.

measurements against specific situations or events.

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