Formulation and structuring

We advance the profiling of the project and we support multidisciplinary teams as methodological facilitators to mature the project at the level of predictability or feasibility.


Public investment resources are scarce, and we must be competitive when allocating funds and resources, therefore, we must have well formulated and structured projects, relevant, viable and that generate impact in the community. We offer the creation of a work plan structured to your needs, we advance identifying problems and the alternative solutions. From each of these we provide studies and designs that allow the selection of the most adequate answers. Maturing a project while reducing the risks in execution.

Technical assistancy

We provide technical support for the formulation and structuring of projects, with a technical team specialized in the methodological, technical, and financial maturation phases for the structuring of projects. We carry out monitoring for the registration of information in the officially defined tools to compete for public resources (MGA and SUIFP).

Identification of the problem

We support in the identification of the problem or need, definition of objectives and identification of alternative solutions.


We support in the definition of the cost model in the delivery of goods and services of the projects and their organization through a budget or the project value chain.

Analysis of funding sources

We guide institutions in the possible sources of financing, both public and private for the project financing, specific requirements, and processes to manage them.


We support the definition of indicators, adequate setting of targets considering the needs study.


We manage the preparation of the technical, financial, and legal studies that are required to determine the feasibility of a project.


We support project managers in the development of the project plan to achieve a suitable execution.

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